Where to Invest?

Looking for a stable and low risk investment option? The options can be endless and confusing, there are a number of expatriates who are looking for investment options and are unsure where to invest their money. The political instability and depressed oil prices creating uncertainty in the MENA Region and Middle eastern buyers look to the UK property market for a low risk investment option. Savvy investors are continuing to look to international property markets for to minimize the capital risk. The UK is a nearby safe haven with strong market fundamentals for investors.

where-to-invest Liverpool Waterfront, a great location for buy to let investment

Where to Invest? Image of Liverpool Waterfront

  Capital inflows from the Middle East continue into the UK property market, owing to a growing concern over the economic growth in the GCC and falling oil prices according to Consultancy firm JLL. These factors are providing a catalyst for those investors who are unsure where to invest to buy property in the buoyant UK market. These factors coupled with an extended period of dollar strength against the pound, means the current exchange rate is favourable for buyers in Middle East countries whose currencies are pegged the US dollar as there buying power is increased. Sterling is currently at around a seven-year low against the US. Dollar. So for buyers in the GCC, it is an opportune moment to purchase UK property assets which offer higher stability and stronger growth and income prospects. This buying trend is seen from both high net worth investors seeking to protect and grow their capital, but also retail investors who are looking to balance their portfolio.We are now seeing property investors from the Middle East buying in various locations in the regional property markets, looking outside of London to find better yields. Previously, the bulk of the interest from the Middle East investors has been into the London property market. Now, the trend is now starting to shift to a more yield driven search. With investors looking at different regions in the North and also various asset classes such as student property to find property which will outperform London. This is a trend seen from Asia as buyers from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore diversifying there portfolio by investing in the Northern Powerhouse Regions. International property investors are now looking to buy property in locations which are receiving investment into infrastructure. Areas along the new Cross Rail Network and HS2 High Speed 2 are becoming more and more popular locations for investment. UK Property has exceptional track record, and a many commentators anticipating growth rates of 25% over the forthcoming years, it is clear why investors who are considering their options on where to invest are drawn the UK’s buy-to-let property market. Hanover Square have several property options across the UK, which can be fully managed, rented and handled on your behalf, please contact us for more information. To read more on how you can buy UK property from our Dubai office Click Here