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Differences between Freehold and Leasehold Title

July 6th, 2017|Guide, Property Investment Guide|

UK Property, Differences between Freehold and Leasehold Title The UK property market is attracting several buy to let investors and many of our buyers from our Dubai office are regularly asking the differences between freehold and leasehold title when they buy property in the UK. International investors looking at the UK market for the first [...]

Rise in Chinese interest in UK property as the pound falls

July 6th, 2017|Commentary|

Rise in Chinese interest in UK property as the pound falls. There has been a notable rise in Chinese interest in UK property post Brexit. The Pound has fallen to it’s lowest point in 30 years & Investors from China are surging into the UK property market.  The fall in the pound has created opportunities [...]

UK Property Market Update: Sales and Prices both rise

July 6th, 2017|UK House Prices, UK Property Market Update|

UK Property Market: Sales and Prices both rise Figures from HMRC report Sales of UK property have increased by 4.9 per cent month-on-month, despite market uncertainty following the EU referendum 95,000 homes were sold in June, an increase of 6,000 more transactions in May With sterling falling against the dollar and euro, the UK market [...]

UK Property Investment From China

July 6th, 2017|International Investor News, Property Market Analysis, Uncategorised|

UK Property Investment From China There has been a constant interest in UK property investment from China. The market has been attracting investment from international buyers in the droves. It is reported that international buyers, largely from the Asia and the Middle East are accounting for up to 85% of sales in new build developments in popular London hot-spots. China have shown a large appetite for global property over recent years, which has not stopped. Here we look into the likely activity and demand from China over the course of 2016. The Chinese stock market over recent months has been immensely volatile. With the Shanghai Stock Exchange closing after experiencing significant price drops in a trading day. This has been a cause for concern for Asian investors and global investors with large exposure. It has raised the question regarding China’s economy and its ability to withstand such shocks. With the Yuan dropping against a basket of currencies and government measures to control the flow of capital out of the country The question remains will the demand for property from China continue. China’s appetite for high yielding property The market driver behind the majority of buyers from China is for investment. Historically, we have seen an emphasis from this region on capital growth being the main investor focus. Furthermore, moving into 2016, it seems investors are also showing a large appetite for high yielding property assets. Due to the sharp increase in London property prices since the global crisis, the rental yields have decreased. The yields achievable in the Northern cities; Manchester and Liverpool, add to the attraction of buying in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. The yields are far higher, additionally it is now being viewed that due to the developing infrastructure and investment. Moreover, there is also a greater opportunity for capital appreciation. Key Developments attracting Investment from China Developments in infrastructure are luring UK Property Investment from China. Key developments such as HS2, which will link Manchester Piccadilly and London in 1 hour, the extension to Manchester’s tram system and the £1bn airport transformation, demonstrate the long term growth potential of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. Additionally, the rise in Stamp Duty Land Tax introduced earlier this year, has meant that expensive London properties weaken the appeal. The additional 3% payable for buy to let investors acts in some degree as a deterrent from expensive London property. Consequently, this has steered UK Property Investment from China to the North of England. China’s confidence in the UK property market The confidence in the North of England as a location UK Property Investment from China market is rising, as now Manchester is not just receiving investment from property buyers, it is also coming from property builders. The Beijing Engineering Construction Group are developing Manchester’s Airport City, a whopping £800m site. Set to be a hub for Chinese businesses, where street names will be in both English and Mandarin. China’s President Xi Jinping, conducted a site visit last year to the Manchester’s Airport city, this show of backing from such an influential figure has boosted Chinese investor confidence in Manchester. Cultural ties between China and the UK Liverpool Chinatown is the first Chinatown established in Europe and it is estimated that there now are around 10,000 Chinese residents in the surrounding area. The rate of this population is set to grow in Liverpool and in Manchester due to the strong cultural ties and the established universities. There is a growing number of international students coming from from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of Southeast Asia. Manchester is highly accessible to Asia, with Manchester having direct flights to both Hong Kong and Beijing. Buyers in the UK and China have a common denominator in their view of property as an asset class. Both countries widely view investment into property as one of the best long term investment options available. With capital controls set to loosen and the critical shortage of homes available in the UK, UK property investment from China is set to continue. […]

Buy UK Property From Dubai

July 6th, 2017|Property Investment Guide|

Buy UK Property From Dubai |  UK Property For Sale | Buying International Property | Investing in UK Property From Dubai. Thinking of investing in international property and you are panning on finding UK property for sale. Contact our team for information! Hanover Square have expert consultants dedicated to the UK property market. Therefore, their [...]

UK Property Market Steadies

July 5th, 2017|UK Property Market Update|

UK Property Market Steadies UK Property Market Steadies. 5 of the UK’s largest property services companies are dropping the Brexit clauses from valuation reports. Therefore, this is a good indicator that the UK property market is beginning to steady after the impact referendum vote to exit from the European Union. Valuation reports included 'Brexit clauses' [...]

UK House Prices Expected to Rise

July 4th, 2017|UK House Prices|

UK House Prices Expected to Rise UK House Prices Expected to Rise by a projected £40,000 in the next 5 years’ time. This is despite the uncertainty and "tremors" caused by the result of the EU referendum, according to forecasts from one think-tank. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) said that even though [...]

Stamp Duty Reform 2016 Budget

July 4th, 2017|UK Property News|

Stamp Duty Reform 2016 Budget What changes for property investors? Stamp Duty Reform 2016 Budget what changes for property investors? Now the chancellor George Osborne has delivered the budget for 2016. Labelling “Financial markets” as “turbulent” and insisting “Britain will be stronger safer and better off inside a reformed EU”. Osborne discussed a range of [...]

UK regional property markets well positioned to handle ‘Brexit’

July 3rd, 2017|Commentary|

UK regional property markets well positioned to handle 'Brexit' Investors and property buyers have been speculating on the how the impending triggering of article 50 and subsequent exiting of the EU, will affect the UK housing market. Latest reports suggest that UK Regional Property Markets Well positioned to handle Brexit We have seen the UK [...]

Weak Pound Means it’s time to Invest in UK Property

July 3rd, 2017|Advice, International Investor News|

Weak Pound Means it’s time to Invest in UK Property Since June 23rd, when the UK decided they would exit the European Union; there has been a strong weakening of the Great British Pound. The falling pound was accelerated by Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement that Article 50 would be invoked in March 2017. Therefore [...]