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Property Investment In Manchester Remains Popular

April 3rd, 2018|Commentary, UK Property News|

Property Investment In Manchester Remains Popular Property Investment In Manchester Remains Popular, as Manchester continues to be at the centre of the Northern Powerhouse. Manchester has built a strong reputation as a property investment hot-spot. Where investors, can buy in a prime city centre location for a fraction of London; attracting higher yields and stronger [...]

Why Invest in Leeds?

March 27th, 2018|Guide, Property Investment Guide|

Why Invest in Leeds? Why invest in Leeds? There are plenty of good reasons to buy property and invest in Leeds, here we access what leads has to offer property investors. Leeds is a city in has excellent connectivity, only 2 hours from London by Train, and 6 Hours from Paris and Brussels by Train. [...]

Why Invest in London?

March 27th, 2018|Property Investment Guide|

Why invest in London? The London property market is one of the most desirable markets in the world. and attracts investors from all corners of the world to buy property and invest in London.The UK's capital is a brilliant place for investment. Here we look at the reasons why to invest in London. London is [...]

Why Invest in Manchester?

March 27th, 2018|Guide, Property Investment Guide|

Why Invest in Manchester? Manchester, a buy-to-let hot spot offering great yields for investors! Why invest in Manchester? Here we look at the various reasons why property investors, should invest in Manchester. In 2015, Manchester was voted HSBC’s number one Buy-to-Let Hotspot for 2015. Citing the highest average yield in the country, 7.98% within the [...]

Midlands Leading UK Property Growth

March 13th, 2018|Property Market Analysis|

Midlands Leading UK Property Growth Recent research released by Rightmove reveals that central England leading the way in property price growth. Northamptonshire tops the chart with an impressive increase of 9.1%, followed by Derbyshire with 7.9% and Norfolk with 7.4% growth. The UK National Average is rising at 3.1% per annum. Factors driving the popularity [...]

Rental Demand in Manchester

September 10th, 2017|Property Market Analysis|

Rental Demand in Manchester Rental Demand in Manchester is soaring, it is now reported that nearly 30% of housing in Manchester is privately rented. The market is in high demand and the under-supply of private rented accommodation is expected to rise by up to 40% over the coming 10 years. The UK’s 2nd city, is [...]

Property Investor FAQ’s

April 25th, 2015|

Property Investor FAQ’s We have compiled a Property Investor FAQ’s guide aimed to assist interested in investing in property in the UK. I am a non-resident and non-UK National, can I buy property in London and the UK? Yes you can buy property in London & UK if you are a non-national you can buy property in the UK. There is no barriers to entry for property investment in the UK, and investors from all nationalities can buy property in the UK. Is ownership for a non-national investor different? No, if you are a non-national investor, you can own property in the same capacity as a British National investor. As a non-resident could I get a mortgage? Yes you can. This is subject to status, it will depend on your individual circumstance. There are not many lenders who will offer a mortgage or home loan to a non-national investor. Non-National investor mortgages are available and interest rates will vary, as a rough guide from 3.5% to 5%.  Additionally, some lenders will only lend 75% to 60% of the property value, therefore you will have to fund the deposit of 25-40% depending on circumstance. Mortgages can be quite complicated, it is best to contact us and speak with your consultant for more information. Do I have to visit to buy a property in the UK? Yes – You can buy a property without visiting the UK, a lot of investors do this. Your chosen solicitor will be able to handle all purchase paperwork, and will require ID documents from you to satisfy the UK Land Registry. Yes, and we will provide full details. […]